Prof. Ts. Dr. Rosnah Shamsudin

The Malaysian Society of Agricultural Engineers (MSAE) was established in 1982. Since then, this society has gradually expanded its roles for advancement and development of this profession. This society also seeks for ways of converging all other professionals that involve in agricultural and food engineering and technology. Therefore, non engineers are encouraged to join as Associate Members.

In 2013, a new line of EXCOs was selected to spearhead this organization. In order to solve for activation of membership issue, drastic measures were taken, wherein the yearly fees were changed to lifetime membership. Structures in membership grades and the related fees were also revised. All of these amendments of the constitution had been successfully passed in an Extraordinary General Meeting and endorsed.

Currently MSAE is moving forward towards getting more members. Strengthening the voice of agricultural engineers is one of our main aims. Challenges in agricultural and food security are ever increasing and we are actively striving to bridge the gap between academic, research, public and private services.

Thank you to all members for your support and believe in this society. For those who are involved in this area, you are most welcome to join us. Together we will contribute to the advancement of agriculture and food security for Malaysia.

Presiden MSAE 2023-2025