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The global is experiencing crisis of food and depletion of energy resources that have changed the world’s actions on food production and security. Various efforts need to be made to ensure the agriculture and food industries are globally competitive and remain relevant at every age. Malaysia has worked hard to maintain and strengthen the global market by giving priority to the production of quality and sustainable agricultural products. New ideas and innovations are mobilized in the agricultural sector so that the country’s production can be highlighted to capture the competitive global market. The National Agro-Food Policy (NAP4) has been formulated to address the challenges in ensuring food security both locally and globally. This includes the implementation of more advance and smart farming methods to reform and transform the agriculture and agro-food industries to be more dynamic and sustainable. Strategies outlined in NAP4 through the implementation of modern technology and mechanization can reduce dependence on manpower in agriculture.

Thus, in accordance with NAP4, the National Agricultural and Food Engineering Convention (NAFEC) jointly organized by MARDI and MSAE will introduce and discuss in depth the application of agricultural and food engineering in Malaysia. The application of engineering in the field of agriculture and food will use holistic approach to ensure the sustainability of the advance and smart agricultural systems. Through this 2-day convention, technical papers focusing on the latest engineering-related applications and research in agriculture and agro-food will be presented by groups of experts and researchers from local higher institutions, government agencies, and industries. In addition, presentation sessions and exhibitions by stakeholders and entrepreneurs will also be given the priority.


  1. Empower the application of agricultural and food engineering through a holistic approach in each agricultural value chain.
  2. Provide a platform for information and technology sharing as well as debate on government policies related to agricultural and food engineering in a more detailed and holistic manner between the government and the parties involved.
  3. Expanding the community network of agricultural and food engineering movers with stakeholders

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