This logo usage guide provides the user with easy-to-use guidelines to follow when incorporating MSAE’s logo on any literature, websites, and branding materials. It also provides guidelines for student chapters, sections, and activity groups who wish to create their own logos.

Click below to download. Please review the information on this page to make sure that you are following proper guidelines and using our logo appropriately.

Rules & Regulations

Who may use the logo?

The MSAE logo may be used with permission by institutional and organizational members of MSAE.

How should the logo be used?

The logo must be used as provided and in its entirety. The logo can be reduced or enlarged in size, but the scale should be retained. If the logo is to be used on a website, it should be linked to

Can MSAE student chapter create their own logos?

Yes, we are happy student chapters to create their own logos to represent their group. If you do this, please use the approved MSAE logo on this page and creatively incorporated “Student Chapter (Your Institution)” with MSAE logo. Please send any logos to to review before use.

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